Cordless High-Flow Sausage Gun Kit (Dial Speed Control) - 600ml

Product Code: 28949

The new Impact-A High Flow Sausage Gun is used for large caulking applications, where consistent power is required to push a large volume of adhesive or sealant out for a long time, at a smooth and steady flow.
Dispense rate – high: 2.5 - 11 mm/s, push force 300kgf max, dial speed control to set desired speed, plunger release button for ease of removing sausage or cartridge. Led light to illuminate working area, power locking button to reduce fatigue and generate constant flow and automatic retraction of the plunger, creating an anti-drip function.
Kit includes 2 x 7.2V li-ion batteries, 2.5Ah. 1 x rapid charger (40 minute charging time), 1 x nozzle, carry case and instruction book.


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